GAZ-OK installation on any car with a petrol engine.

GAZ-OK - more than 10 years in business.

GAZ-OK - quality and experience, time proven!


Benefits HBO

  • Economy.

    One liter of propane-butane gas mixture stands 3 times less than one liter of gasoline

  • Bi-fuel cars.

    Thank for installation GBO, you have a choice

  • Mobility.

    Car Mileage on a single fueling doubles, which is very important for long journeys.

  • Increased resource.

    The gas does not affect the film of oil in the cylinder as a solvent.


How to continue to ride comfortably on your car and save? Install gas for your car! Gas in the car (price) - is not only a fast payback, installation of gas equipment for cars - it saves every kilometer. You ask Google setting GBO Kiev, found on page prices are set on the GBO cars Kiev now and start saving. We, Gaz-Ok, are engaged in installation of gas equipment on all cars with petrol engines. For over a decade, we provide installation services of GBO on any car, warranty service, diagnostics, repair, and even then the market of automotive services. Installing GBO on your car in Gas-OK - strategically and economically correct decision, and our loyal prices are sure to attract your attention. We have a large selection of GBO producers, which will choose the most suitable equipment for your car. Follow our shares, we always strive to delight our customers with pleasant bonuses. For us the experience and thousands of satisfied customers. Feedback from our customers - our best advertisement, because we value every client.

We offer

Guarantee service GBO
Diagnosis GBO
Repairs GBO
TO - maintenance GBO
Documents registration in MREO
We set up in Kiev, HBO, and come to us from all over Ukraine. Installing GBO Kiev (the price you please) gas for cars Kiev - it's us!
We are in a very convenient location Holosiivo - on the street Kirovograd 38 / 58.
Come establish mend, arrange. Always Glade!

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