About Us

We set the gas (GBO) on cars more than ten years!

"Gaz - OK " - the company tried many customers in a prolonged period of time . Our company is engaged on the installation of gas equipment (GBO) for cars with gasoline engines. The main reason for installing auto-gas equipment is a reasonable desire to save money on fuel. This is not surprising , because the difference in the cost of benzine can reach 2-2.5 times.

Currently, the Internet can find an infinite number of firms that promise to establish the most reliable gas equipment, both of domestic and foreign manufacturers and telling everything else is bad. The price range is also quite high, but what is most surprising, everybody promises the best and most economical gas injection system without any technical and statistical studies.

Those who have firmly decided to go to gas , equipment auto gas system (GBO) is better to trust a company that has years of experience in the installation, a large selection of GBO traders, who will choose the most suitable equipment meeting the requirements of your car, and will take up its subsequent maintenance.

Мы устанавливаем газовое оборудование на автомобиль независимо от марки и страны-производителя ГБО ( только сертифицированное оборудование поставляемое официальными дилерами производителей) с последующим гарантийным обслуживанием. О плюсах и минусах газовых систем вы можете узнать в следующей статье. Обязательным этапом установки в нашей компании является компьютерная диагностика двигателя. ( Диагностика автомобиля в подарок) Таким образом, мы можем дифференцировать работу двигателя до установки газового оборудования и после.