Toyota RAV 4 2014
Installing GBO on the car in Kiev for Toyota RAV 4
We put on a Japanese car:
• Stag box plus electronics (OBD);
• Reducer KME Silver;
• Hana nozzles;
• a toroidal cylinder with a capacity of 59 liters.
Installing GBO in Kiev, the price of which is comparable to the savings for several months, was successful. We give a guarantee of quality, and we always work within a reasonable time.
The main savings are due to the difference in the cost of gasoline and propane-butane. If you install gas on a car, the price of a kilometer of mileage is significantly reduced.
If you decide to order GBO in Kiev, the installation of equipment brings other advantages:
• reduction of costs for maintenance and repair of machinery;
• Freedom to choose fuel and increase mileage at one gas station;
• low level of emissions into the atmosphere;
• Comfortable driving without detonation.
In addition to the fact that when buying gas for cars, the price is noticeably lower, the quality of liquefied fuel is also usually higher. Liquid fuel is less likely to meet the standards, which reduces the life of the engine and other components.
How to install GBO in Kiev?
You can contact us through the contacts indicated in this section of the site:
The consultant will help to calculate the cost of works and equipment. How much can you save by using a gas cylinder, you can calculate yourself in our calculator.
When you are convinced of the advantages of technology, order GBO in Kiev, the price for sure you will like. Masters will find the optimal technical solution for each car, any brand, model and year of production.